How To Start A Super Profitable Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Business Even If You Are A Newbie In Affiliate Marketing And You Are Living In A Clickbank Blacklisted Country.

Learn how to be able to kick off a clickbank affiliate business… no matter where you live.


In the next few minutes, I will handover to you a PROVEN BLUEPRINT” that will help you start a PROFITABLE Clickbank affiliate marketing business even if your country is blacklisted

…and if you read this little letter to the end, you’ll discover a “secret method” I use to pull in massive profit on clickbank.

To prove to you how POWERFUL this blueprint is, I will tell you a very short story.

A couple of months ago, I took the EXACT BLUEPRINT you're about to DISCOVER, gave it to a friend of mine, Godwin Ibekwe.

He applied all the UNIQUE STRATEGIES and PROVEN formulas I revealed in the program STEP by STEP

…and in just under 14 days, he pulled in $517.36 (N346, 665) in PURE PROFIT.

Here is the proof of his profit in his dashboard.

Few months ago, I gave this EXACT blueprint to Nnamdi & Michael, two of my inner circle students.

Michael studied it, implemented what he learnt in this program and just under 2 weeks, he pulled in $503.87(N231,780) IN PURE PROFIT.


I can say the same about Nnamdi too because, he pulled in a total of $517.67 in a month of implementing what he learnt from this blueprint.

HERE are their respective profit dashboards.

Michael's Dashboard.

Nnamdi's Dashboard.

This is how POWERFUL this blueprint is and in a FEW seconds, I'll tell you all about it.

But before I even do that, its only fair I tell you who I am and why you should take what I’m about to show you VERY SERIOUSLY.

Firstly, my name is KENNETH and I’m not your AVERAGE GURU who just sells courses to make a living.

But here is what you should know…

The very first time, I tried to start Clickbank affiliate marketing, NOTHING worked.

In fact…

The first time I heard of Clickbank and how PROFITABLE it was to promote a HOT-SELLING product, I was so excited and felt like I had finally found my breakthrough in life.

Here is where it got really bad…

I withdrew my last N37,500 and got a course on clickbank affiliate marketing.

But something ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING happened.

Stay with me…I will tell you everything about it shortly!!

When I started taking the course…I noticed that my country (Nigeria) was not allowed to promote clickbank products.

And the course creator didn’t mention that.

My goodness!!

I was so devastated, that night that I neither sleep or nor eat.

Was my LAST N37,000 gone just like that?  

Was I cursed?

Why will everything I try not work?

All these thoughts raced through my mind.

I was exactly at this point you are right now…ANGRY and FRUSTRATED..

2 MONTHS AFTER that bad incident, ALMOST BY MISTAKE, I discovered “ONE THING” that completely changed EVERYTHING for me.

In a few minutes, I will tell you everything about it.

But then, the good thing about this ONE thing you’ll discover shortly is that IT WORKS.

In just under 30 days of applying the secret, strategies and proven formula I revealed inside the program, I pulled in $2,272.82 (N1,045,490) One million, forty five thousand, four hundred and ninety naira IN PURE PROFIT.

Here is the proof of my profit below:

And to make SURE THAT this “STRATEGY CAN WORK FOR ANYONE, I took the same blueprint, gave it to one of my inner circle student, ANGELA.

She applied it to her business and pulled in $575.74+ (N264, 840) IN PURE PROFIT.

Here is the proof of her profit dashboard:

And now, it’s your turn, I want to HAND OVER to you my secret step by step clickbank affiliate marketing blueprint”  so you can use it to generate HUGE commissions selling HOT products on clickbank no matter what country you are.

Over the years, I have carefully documented my experience, trials and errors, what has worked for me over and over, lessons learnt, killer strategies and tactics that will help you create a PROFITABLE clickbank affiliate marketing ,so you can make A LOT of money for yourself.

And now, I want to give you EVERYTHING.

Introducing Clickbank Groundzero

A Step By Step Program That Reveals How To Start, Grow And Scale A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Even If Your Country Is Blacklisted.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 50% discount !

Dear Friend,

Today I'm going to let you into a little secret on how you can kick start a profitable Clickbank Affiliate marketing Business.

But first here are very important things I want us to get over…

I want you to answer these questions, in all honesty, and sincerity.

Do you want to only dream about your future, or you want to achieve it?

Do you secretly and desperately wish you can change your financial life and live the life of your dreams?

Does your family, put so much pressure on you, sometimes you wished you were never born?

Are you sick and tired of looking for jobs? (jobs that don't even exist)

Are you burnt out from attending every job interview, wasting your transport fare for a role that is already occupied?

Are you completely frustrated as hell, from your current situation that you wished you could just wave a wand and transform your financial life?

When you enroll inside the program, here are FEW of the golden nuggets you’ll discover inside



I have tried other affiliate marketing platforms out there and I found out something I never thought existed at all in Affiliate marketing. In this module I'll explain to you why you will fail at any other PLATFORM that isn't Clickbank.  VALUE N50,000



One of the BIGGEST challenges we face in promoting Clickbank products is that there are some countries that are not allowed.

This is the SAME reason why I ALMOST gave up before I discovered a “Secret Hack” on how to successfully do a Clickbank affiliate marketing even if your country is blacklisted.

In this module, I also revealed a SECRET PRO tool I personally use to PREVENT my account from getting BANNED. 

VALUE N 95,000



Starting Clickbank affiliate marketing is one thing, but selling and making money from it is another thing.

That’s why in this module, I will reveal to you my “4 PROVEN SECRET HACK” that I & my students use to find HOT-SELLING PRODUCTS that have HUGE commissions. (Get this right and you’ll be smiling to the bank every time) VALUE N100,000



What will determine how you automate your whole sales process depends on the kind of tools you used. 

Because I really don’t want you to get stuck ANYWHERE, I will also add ALL my PRO tools and softwares (worth over $5,505) so you can have all the NECCESSARY tools that will help you along the line. 

I will also show STEP by STEP on how to use ALL of the tools.

This module is POWER-PACKED. VALUE N250,000



In this VALUE-LOADED module, I will hold you by the hand and show you the type of funnel I use, how to set it up, STEP by STEP that will convert TOTAL strangers to BUYERS and BUYERS to LOYAL customers.

Here is the best part: You can duplicate this funnel structure in any business. VALUE N100,000



After setting everything up and you suck at getting this HOT product in front of HUNGRY buyers, you WON’T make ANY commission because NOBODY is going to buy.

The moment you enroll into my program, I will HANDOVER to you my PROVEN 7 FIGURES MARKETING SECRET that has helped generate multiple 7 figures selling HOT products on Clickbank. VALUE N150,000



After doing all the work, putting in every efforts and now you have made some commissions. How do you get the commission paid to you to your bank account?

The problem is, if your country is among the blacklisted countries, you will find it VERY DIFFICULT to get paid.

But the good news is….I have a PROVEN METHOD I use to get my commission to my bank account without leaving my room.

This is what you’ll discover in this module. VALUE N50,000



One issue most programs have is the authors do not release updates. They recycle old stuff and let you face the problems that come up alone.

In this module, you will get access to Clickbank updates that make your earning easier and faster. VALUE N100,000

….plus many more…

The total value for this program  + ALL the FREE bonuses is N895,000+

Not bad for a program that will make you back this money in 60 days (or even less) if you put your heart to it.

Plus you keep making more monthly.

But I won’t charge you close to N895,000 even though it’s worth every kobo.

Here’s why

I want you to get in this program today . .

Without money being a hindrance.

 …Plus I want to reward you for acting right now.


For taking the bold step to invest in your destiny, I am throwing in...

Bonus #1
YouTube Lead Generation Tool

This software, helps you get target leads for any niche.

What this tool does is, it helps you rank your YouTube videos so that people who belong in the market of the service or product you want to promote will view your videos and sign up to your lead generation page.


Using this tool, will increase your leads so you can quickly build your list for your Clickbank business. 

VALUE N96,000

Bonus #2
Funnel Builder

If you do not know how to code with HTML, XHTML you will find it VERY DIFFICULT to design your website or even a landing page.

But with my SECRET WEBPAGE BUILDER SOFTWARE sold at $247...

....even someone that has never designed a website in their life, can now design a website and landing page EASILY.

VALUE N111,150

BonuS #3
Bulletproof Clickbank Account

It is one thing to create a Clickbank account and it is another thing to secure and protect your account from being banned or restricted.

This is one major issue even GURUS in blacklisted countries face.

I'll give you access to my strategy that has protected and secured the Clickbank accounts of myself and hundreds of others.  

VALUE N97,200

Just Imagine This Right Now......

I am standing right in front of you.

Holding my CLICKBANK GROUNDZERO AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAM…plus all the MASSIVE FREE Bonuses worth over N895,000+ in total.

Plus a guarantee.

That if you put to use everything I will show you, you will be able to make at least 10x your investment back in a very short time

….plus you keep making more every month…CONSISTENTLY

And you are holding N450,000 in your hands

Now Tell Me. . .

Which would you prefer to have?



I know you are a wise entrepreneur who knows a massive “too good to be true” investment when you see one.

Now I want to make this happen for you.

The sweet part is

I won’t take the N450,000 in your hands Right now

…Even if you want me to.

Because you know it’s an amazing investment and you will likely make 300%-400% more in the next 90 days.

So how much would I take to give you this?

Not even N450,000

Not even N250,000

To enroll for the CLICKBANK GROUNDZERO AFFILATE MARKETING PROGRAM , you’ll be paying only N129,999

ONLY N129,999

“What? Kenneth, are you crazy?

It’s so cheap” Other Clickbank affiliate programs cost N250,000+

Of course I know…

About The Course Teacher,
Kenneth Nwakanma

Kenneth Nwakanma is the founder of a five star marketing company NoHitch Web Media Inc. and a one time struggling fella like you, who simply smiles every week when he stares at his Clickbank dashboard. He has helped grow multiple businesses for people to 6 figures simply using the marketing strategies that you will be learning inside this program.

In this program, you will have him as your personal coach and mentor to achieve affiliate marketing success with his exclusive Clickbank Affiliate Marketing strategies.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Peter Ofoedum


Great Value To Give.

He has got great value to give.

I haven't bought his course yet. But being on his email list is worth paying for.

Andrew Nuhu

Programmer & Data Analyst

Thank God I Met You.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks to God I met you. I will get there soon

Nwosu .N. Ken

Blogger & App Developer

Thank You Boss

I want to thank you Ken, for your guidance and teaching. God bless.

…Here’s why I’m doing this…

Firstly, I’m doing this so you will never have to worry about not making enough money to take care of your bills again.

Ever again.

Secondly, BECAUSE this offer is available for ONLY the first 10 persons to grab this offer right now if you think N129,999 is too much to invest in a system that will guarantee you never have to worry about not making enough money again, then close this page at this point. . .

But if you think this is a massive bargain, then wait till you see what more I have in store for you.

Here it is:


If you enroll into the program today, you will IMMEDIATELY have access to these for FREE (first 10 persons).

Bonus #4
My SMTP Server Build From Scratch Blueprint

If you want to be super profitable with your Clickbank business, then you need an email list and for you to do that, you need an autoresponder and a RELIABLE SMTP service.

I will personally teach you how to build your own SMTP server like Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse e.t.c from scratch. 

With this, you WON’T need to pay jaw-dropping money because of your email volume again.

You can even build this for people and get paid for it.

VALUE N50,000

Bonus #5
My Pro Autoresponder Software

The problem with most autoresponder is that Aweber increases it’s cost as your list increases, Getresponse watermark your email making you look unprofessional and Mailchimp restrict you to only blogging (you can’t use it to promote products)

But with the PRO-AUTORESPONDER I use, you can now have the power to promote ANY products to ANY NUMBER of list and have NO watermark at the bottom of your email.

VALUE N15,000

BonuS #6
My Smart Lead Acquisition Blueprint

Without an email list, no online business will make any sale, even if it does, there will be very little profit.

Therefore, you need to build a responsive email list, that will keep coughing commissions for you with very little stress. And acquiring these leads can be very expensive..

Which is why I'll give you my smart email list building strategy that will help you build a hungry-buyer's list in a short time without running facebook ads.

VALUE N30,200

Wait, there's more

Bonus #7
$599 Video Software

Do you know that videos convert more than images for adverts and building email lists? 

Then again, creating eye-catching videos that bring in more sales are very expensive and can cost you thousands of dollars.

Which is why I will be giving you my video creation and editing software that has made me over $10,000 for free if you ACT FAST today.

VALUE N240,000

Bonus #8
Join Other Affiliate Platforms 

If you do not want to restrict yourself to only Clickbank, maybe you want to experience other affiliate platforms, not an issue.

I will show you how you can join other affiliate marketing platforms that are hard to join and how you can collect your commissions without breaking a sweat.

You can duplicate the Clickbank Groundzero training in other platforms and still collect your earnings. This has been proven and tested.

VALUE N40,000

Bonus #9
My Facebook Ad Blueprint

Running ads on facebook is tough, because almost every business is on facebook.

Then again the cost of advertising, learning how to advertise and bringing in clients can cost as much as $300.

But I will be giving the first 5 people access to my facebook ads blueprint that has brought in thousands of leads and hundreds of sales, so you can build your clickbank lists and run ads like a pro.

VALUE N50,000

Bonus #10
My Secret Super Hosting Platform 

Running your affiliate marketing career without a website, will make you unprofessional and no one will trust you.

Which is why it is important to pick a good domain and hosting server that will not shut down or go offline due to traffic or poor service.

I'll give you access to my hosting company that has unlimited bandwidth & diskspace to make sure your site never goes offline and to prevent your website from being hacked.

VALUE N10,000

BonuS #11
My Smart Email Copy Blueprint.

If you have a buyer's list and hot product from Clickbank, but you do not have a winning email copy you can send to them to make them buy your offer, you will not make any sales.

Which is why I will be giving you not 1, not 2, not even 5, but 8 methods, and strategies for writing email copy that will make your leads pay.

In fact, you can never run out of ideas to write on when it comes to email marketing, plus you can write emails for any business and charge them $50 and above to write their emails..

VALUE N25,000

BonuS #12
100% Responsive Support Group

Have any questions?

Run into any block while setting up your account or marketing campaign?

It’s absolutely normal you will have question.

And usually when people ask honest questions where they get stuck, course creators arrogantly shut the question down, making it look like you are dumb or not putting in enough efforts.

I’m completing eliminating that dirty behavior in the market place by throwing in a fully attended support group where you can drop all your questions no matter what it is any day, anytime, I will personally reply to them the moment I see it.

VALUE N400,000

Why You Should Enroll For The Clickbank Groundzero Program.

You see, one of the main reasons I’m doing this is to give you a chance to experience how it feels to make Money online.

Nothing more. .

I mean, I could easily make your N129,999 without stress.

Just one sales commission for one of the product I promote will cover that

But I’ll be wicked to keep this kind of information away from you.

That’s why I decided to spend days of struggle, effort and sleepless nights, just to make sure I become the reason you will wake up tomorrow and never worry about how to make money online again.

But still you’ve got three choices to make right now.



You see, we are all products of our choices, you could do nothing about this and just keep going on with your day.

Close this page and pretend you never saw this opportunity.

You won’t die

Honestly you won’t.

But you might miss an opportunity you’d not get anytime soon.

Plus when you change your mind, this program would be increased to N50,000 and all the bonuses removed.

Those FREE bonuses are only valid for a limited set of persons.



I am not the EXPERT Clickbank affiliate marketer

There are only a handful of us who are knowledgeable about Clickbank and have massive result.

But no one has a proven system as detailed and straight-forward as this.

In fact this is not a course.

This is a DONE-WITH-YOU system where I give you what has worked for me over and over and all you have to do is to apply it step by step and boom, the result will blow your mind.

I’m sure you must have opted in to a course on affiliate marketing like this and you probably were left on your own to set everything up.

It can be really frustrating if you’re not a badass at it.

That’s exactly why you have a third option.



Here you’ll try my system and see for yourself that it works.

Plus I will hold your hand and show you step by step process on how it is done.

…Plus I have a support group where I answer your questions.

That’s not all . . .

You will get everything I listed from the beginning of this sales letter.


Every FREE bonus.

Plus you’ll finally have the feel of making money daily . . . constantly.

I know you want this

What could be more rewarding?

A proven system that shows you how to set up a profitable clickbank affiliate marketing business.

All from the comfort of your home . . .

With your laptop.

And generate MASSIVE commission daily.

With no boss ordering you around.

Plus massive FREE time on your hand.

You don’t have to work your head out, I’ve done most of the work for you.

All you need to do is

Follow my laid-out system.

Promote your product

And come back to daily commission.

Like this my student Godwin that makes massive commission monthly.

Here's what Moses has to say

Or this guy who is wowed by the course content

And you should listen to John

Or shy Arinze

Obi Victory says

Here’s what other people are saying about the course

This is what real life people who have purchased this program have to say.



Affiliate Marketer

This course is an expose. I bought this course earlier this year.

Indeed information is power and key. I'm base in Nigeria, I run a clickbank business. I have a Paypal account. So what you don't know will only limit you.
I encourage you guys to buy this course.

Marv Anthony

The course is an eye opener, powerful and easy to understand.

There is more to clickbank affiliate marketing than you think. You won't understand until you buy it. I bought it and I'm taking my time to learn. So far I'm impressed.




When someone told the admin, that he could break down the course into three and sell them individually, I didn't see what they meant, until now.

Actually as a Clickbank Groundzero Student, after digesting all the contents
from the course, these are the three main areas you can focus on to generate multiple streams of income: Affiliate Marketing, Web designing and Digital Marketing.


Select Columns Layout

Don’t wait! Look at what other students have to say about this course

Elems Ejike

Awesome Content.

I have done courses online, like mini importation, amazon affiliate and now on clickbank mastery with Kenneth.
I stand to tell you that paying for this Ken's course was the link I needed to make money with all the courses I have done online.
Ken killed marketing not just on clickbank but across any form of making money online. Ken might not know we appreciate what he is doing.
Young Nigerians, don't watch testimonies, be a testimony. I recommend clickbank groundzero to any smart mind.

Jenny Oluchi


I sincerely appreciate all that you are doing. You really make affiliate marketing look so easy.

I want to appreciate you for giving me this opportunity to become an affiliate marketer.

I also want to thank you for breaking it down in layman's understanding. Thank You

Chika Onele

Quality Content.

The boss himself, this groundzero course is something else. it is different from every other course I have seen about clickbank. Well detailed, deep and it shows that you really put in a lot of effort to get it done.


=N=260, 000


  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to All Bonuses

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Have Access?

Will You Provide Support For Me, If I Run Into Any Problems?

Are There Any Hidden Costs Or Upsells?

I Am New To This System, How Can I Set Stuff Up?

Let’s review everything you will get when you enroll today.

  • A Detailed explanation of how Clickbank works
  • A secret method that allows you to successfully create a click-bank account without getting banned even if your country is not supported
  • My hot product sourcing blueprint
  • My PRO tools collection box
  • How to get paid from Clickbank even if your country is not supported

FREE Bonuses Available for a limited time ONLY













TOTAL VALUE ===== N895,000

REGULAR PRICE =====N260,000

TODAY’S PRICE======N129,999 ONLY




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to All Bonuses

Hey!, Before You Close This Page.

If at this point, you are yet to still secure your seat;
Well, I respect your decision;
But then remember you are letting a huge once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by.

And there is a huge probability that you may miss out a spot at the "Clickbank Groundzero Mentorship Program" if you are yet to decide.

The only problem you are going to have is, you didn't buy this earlier!!
So, I look forward to you taking advantage of the early bird discounts... to secure your spot

Access this life changing training and system to build a business and life you deserve...

Don't judge me on my winners, but judge me on my losers; because I have very few of them.

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