How To Start A Super Profitable Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Business Even As A Newbie In An Unsupported Country.

Learn how to be able to kick off a clickbank affiliate business… no matter where you live.


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What if I told you it is easy to own a clickbank account even if your country is BLACKLISTED?

If your country is on Clickbank's blacklist, it is impossible to get a clickbank account, let alone start a full clickbank affiliate business.

Normally, if you start off on clickbank from a non supported country, you could get kicked out and all your hard work will be a thing of the past.  

You know what's worse?

When clickbank's hammer lands on you, you will lose all your days of hard-work.

Your account will get shut down, your money locked up and gone. At this point, you'll give up and call it quits.

But all that is your fault.


When gurus tell you, open a USA clickbank account.

Then when it is time to make your withdrawals, clickbank will request for your SSN (social security number) and in most cases a TaxID.

Failure to provide the above requirements, will terminate your account because, you cannot cook up or falsify a social security number or TaxID. 

It is just not possible.

Even if you wangle your way around, getting your pay WILL NEVER HAPPEN. 

Let's just say, you manage to find a walk around this problem, how would you:

  • find the best and right services or products to advertise?
  • find the right market to advertise products to?
  • get the best tools to help reduce the advertising process?

Right now you are done, in fact, you have given up because to you it seems difficult.

At this point you are like I can't do this and it is not for me.

But then these sudden thoughts creep into your mind, I wanna do this, but:

What is the safest and easiest way out?

How can I make sure my account doesn't get banned, since the gurus have failed or might fail me?

How can I advertise market the best services or products that should get me the best results?

How do I find the right market for these products and advertise without stress?

Stay with me and I'll show you how.

Introducing Clickbank Groundzero

The Clickbank Groundzero online program is the perfect program, that shows you how to make sure your account is never banned, how to get the best and right services or products to market and how to make sure you of course advertise to the right market.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 50% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up.

This has been confirmed to be the best mentor-ship program out there to set you on the stage of being independent on Clickbank.

It has got a huge potential to give you good results even if you are a beginner, who decides to get serious to work

The best part of this course is my promotion and marketing strategy, they can be used in any business, even in any internet business and information marketing or any other type of business, to get visible results in less than no time.

Huge Benefit 1

Be able to be self dependent financially within your first 6 months while working at your own time and pace.

Huge Benefit 2

Learn and apply my marketing and promotion strategy that doesn't involve facebook ads into any business whatsoever.

Huge Benefit 3

Gain access to my 3 blueprint templates that show you the particular type and classes of products to promote.

Huge Benefit 4

Get unbeatable access to my set of tools that have helped me build a 6 figure Clickbank affiliate marketing business.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

This is what real life people who have purchased this program have to say.



Affiliate Marketer

This course is an expose. I bought this course earlier this year.

Indeed information is power and key. I'm base in Nigeria, I run a clickbank business. I have a Paypal account. So what you don't know will only limit you.
I encourage you guys to buy this course.

Marv Anthony

The course is an eye opener, powerful and easy to understand.

There is more to clickbank affiliate marketing than you think. You won't understand until you buy it. I bought it and I'm taking my time to learn. So far I'm impressed.




When someone told the admin, that he could break down the course into three and sell them individually, I didn't see what they meant, until now.

Actually as a Clickbank Groundzero Student, after digesting all the contents
from the course, these are the three main areas you can focus on to generate multiple streams of income: Affiliate Marketing, Web designing and Digital Marketing.




Module 1: Introduction To Clickbank.

If you have never heard of clickbank or how it functions, this module will give you a kindergarten explanation of what clickbank is and how it works. 


Module 2: How To Open A Clickbank Account In Unsupported Countries. (Nigeria Included).

This module will show you how to open a clickbank account in Nigeria and other unsupported countries. An extra video here shows you how to install a software or tool, that will prevent your account from being banned.


Module 3: Product Select Method.

This module, covers 4 tested and trusted ways of selecting the best products that will give results when sold to the right market. 

  • Product Select Method 1
  • Product Select Method 2
  • Product Select Method 3
  • Product Select Method 4


Module 4: System Tools Installation.

A list of tools will be given to you when you purchase the program. These tools, help in facilitating the clickbank process, making you have room and time for other things.

  • System Tools Installation 1
  • System Tools Installation 2
  • System Tools Installation 3
  • System Tools Installation 4
  • System Tools Installation 5
  • System Tools Installation 6
  • SMTP Server 1
  • SMTP Server 2
  • SMTP Server 3
  • SMTP Server 4
  • and many more.


Module 5: Funnel Building

In this module, you'll learn how to build effective funnels for your clickbank business. And the best part is, you can duplicate this funnel structural framework in all your other businesses.

  • TMD Funnel
  • Funnel Buidling
  • Funnel Building Update
  • Preparing Your Lead Magnet.
  • and more.


Module 6: Promotion Methods.

This module consists of tutorials that show you how to successfully promote the selected services you chose from clickbank.

  • Promotion Method 1
  • Spam Filter 1
  • Spam Filter 2
  • Promotion Method 2
  • Youtube Marketing 1
  • Youtube Marketing 2
  • Youtube Marketing 3
  • and more..


Module 7: Payments.

This module, seems to be the most important because, what use is it if you work and work and put in all your efforts and you don't get your reward? This module will teach you how unsupported countries like Nigeria, will still be able to receive pay.


Module 8: Extras and Updates.

This module will cover some finishing remarks, a list of things to expect from me in the future as well as, other nitty gritty updates concerning the program.


Of course, to speed up and facilitate your Clickbank business, I will be handing over to you the tools I use to run my Clickbank business with less stress. These tools, softwares and blueprints cost a total of $4405 if you decide to get them separately. Without these tools, your business, will be tough, you will get little or no results and you might witness a whole lot of road blocks while doing this .

Lead Generation Tools

This software, helps you get target leads for a particular niche.

What this tool does is, it searches for a gathering of people who belong in the market of the service or product you want to promote and focuses your adverting on them alone.


Using this tool, will increase your ROI and reduce ad costs if you decide to run ads for your clickbank business and any other business.

Industry Leading VPN Tools.

For your account to not get banned, you need static IP addresses not dynamic IP addresses.

Static IP addresses are IPs addresses do not change regularly, but dynamic IPs change constantly and this type of IP is bad for your clickbank business.

This is why I will be handing over to you,my pack of VPN tools to ensure security of your account.

Website and Webpage Builder

If you do not know how to code with HTML, XHTML you cannot own or know how to design a webpage not to talk of a website. 

That was before and not anymore.

With this industry leading page builder, even a 10 year old, 99 year old or an inexperienced person, can use this simple drag and drop page builder to build stunning and cool websites or webpage.

SMTP Server Build From Scratch.

For your clickbank campaigns, to have good ROI, you'll need an email list.

This is why you need the autoresponder and a reliable  SMTP service.

This is why, I will personally teach you how to build your own SMTP server from scratch. With this, you will not need to pay jaw dropping money because of your email volume.

You can even build this for people and charge them for it.

Autoresponder Software

Forget the issue of Aweber's increase in cost according to list size, Getresponse watermarking your emails making you look unprofessional or Mailchimp restricting you to only blogging (you can't promote products with their service).

You can now have the power of email marketing in your hands.

You can promote anything, to any amount of list subscribers, export your list and have no watemark at the bottom of your emails.

Funnel Blueprint.

You hear of funnels a lot.

A funnel is simply the stages prospects have to pass through before they become customers or clients that might end up doing business with you.

The funneling structure you apply determines if your prospects will do business with you or not.

This is why  I will be giving you, as a bonus, my funneling framework I use for all my businesses that bring in close to 200% ROI.

About The Course Teacher,
Kenneth Nwakanma

Kenneth Nwakanma is the founder of a five star marketing company NoHitch Web Media Inc. and a one time struggling fella like you, who simply smiles every week when he stares at his Clickbank dashboard. He has helped grow multiple businesses for people to 6 figures simply using the marketing strategies that you will be learning inside this program.

In this program, you will have him as your personal coach and mentor to achieve affiliate marketing success with his exclusive Clickbank Affiliate Marketing strategies.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Peter Ofoedum


Great Value To Give.

He has got great value to give.

I haven't bought his course yet. But being on his email list is worth paying for.

Andrew Nuhu

Programmer & Data Analyst

Thank God I Met You.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks to God I met you. I will get there soon

Nwosu .N. Ken

Blogger & App Developer

Thank You Boss

I want to thank you Ken, for your guidance and teaching. God bless.

Why You Need The Clickbank Groundzero Program.

The best part of this course is my promotion and marketing strategy, they can be used in any business,  even in any internet business and information marketing or any other type of business, to get visible results in less than no time.

As you are currently viewing this offer, there are countless persons that have been waiting for the release of this course. My facebook group consists of 1000+ people who have been on my neck since I talked about producing a course on Clickbank affiliate marketing.

Again on, there are people too who have been sending messages to me concerning the course release date; another batch of people who need this.

This is the only MENTOR-SHIP COURSE YOU NEED TO MAKE A KILLING ON CLICKBANK in Nigeria and other unsupported countries.

On that note, I need to work with just 90 people, because I have other things to do as well and I need my precious time with my family.

So this offer is open to just 100 serious people. Remember that about 500+ people, not just you alone, are viewing this page today.

This is why you need to act swiftly, to secure your spot today!!

Here is what Moses has to say about the Groundzero Program.

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=N=53, 000


  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to All Bonuses

Don’t wait! Look at what other students have to say about this course

Elems Ejike

Awesome Content.

I have done courses online, like mini importation, amazon affiliate and now on clickbank mastery with Kenneth.
I stand to tell you that paying for this Ken's course was the link I needed to make money with all the courses I have done online.
Ken killed marketing not just on clickbank but across any form of making money online. Ken might not know we appreciate what he is doing.
Young Nigerians, don't watch testimonies, be a testimony. I recommend clickbank groundzero to any smart mind.

Jenny Oluchi


I sincerely appreciate all that you are doing. You really make affiliate marketing look so easy.

I want to appreciate you for giving me this opportunity to become an affiliate marketer.

I also want to thank you for breaking it down in layman's understanding. Thank You

Chika Onele

Quality Content.

The boss himself, this groundzero course is something else. it is different from every other course I have seen about clickbank. Well detailed, deep and it shows that you really put in a lot of effort to get it done.

Frequently Asked Questions

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=N=53, 000


  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to All Bonuses

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And there is a huge probability that you may miss out a spot at the "Clickbank Groundzero Mentorship Program" if you are yet to decide.

The only problem you are going to have is, you didn't buy this earlier!!
So, I look forward to you taking advantage of the early bird discounts... to secure your spot

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