How ​I Turned ​My ​Dead CLICKBANK Affiliate Marketing Business Into A Very Lucrative Business​
That Pays Me $4000 Monthly.

​​Funny part of this is: you aren’t going to see this anywhere else but here and FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

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    ​This page is strictly for aspiring CLICKBANK affiliate marketers or already existing CLICKBANK affiliate marketers.
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    ​Affiliate marketing has gotten harder, the methods we used to make a killing in CLICKBANK affiliate marketing in the year 201​5 are old and outdated. All you needed to do then was open a clickbank account, select a product, begin to drive traffic to the product’s sales page and collect your commissions. Well, not anymore.
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    Read till the end and learn ​how ​you ​can ​leverage ​the ​affiliate ​business ​strategy ​that ​is ​making ​me ​OVER $4,000/monthly on AUTOPILOT.

Hi, I'm ​Kenny. ​A one time struggling fella like you, who simply smiles every week when I stare at my Clickbank dashboard.

​The Key To Making Money In Affiliate Marketing, Is To Position Yourself With The Right Person, ​With The Right ​Strategy And With The Right Tools. Because By The Time You Will Get To The Bottom Of This Page, It​ Will Be Already Too Late.

​Hello buddy,

​How are you doing today? 

​You have been hitting up Google's search engine regularly, requesting information on how to make money from clickbank's affiliate marketing platform with huge upside potentials ​that have little downside risks..

Does that ring a bell?

Well I have got some shocker for you.

​Truth is, if you are into affiliate marketing or about to start affiliate marketing, your sales and earnings will in the next two months drop drastically. 

Or to make things worse, CLICKBANK will without warning you, shut down your account.

Even if within that time, it doesn’t, it will still drop.

​But if luck is on your side, you are SERIOUSLY PRAYING RIGHT NOW, for your account to continue bringing in the $$$.  I know you are shocked at this point; in fact, you are annoyed. It seems you might want to give up that dream.

But hold on!!.

​I'll Show You Why The Statement Is 100% True & The Reason Might Completely S​urprise You.

​After graduating from school, ​I began searching for jobs that were never available, I decided to kick start my work from home and make money online dream. After having tried my hands on many make money online ventures that failed, Clickbank affiliate marketing was the last resort on my mind.

I came across a sales page where the author, claimed to be making above 2 million naira (above $5000) every month. I bought the course and created my first clickbank account with difficulties of course.

I began promoting with his methods, I made some commissions and seeing these commission readings on my dashboard, made me go to bed and smile SOMETIMES.

After waking up one morning, I logged into my ​Clickbank account and what I saw on my laptop screen left me shocked.

Guess what?

My Clickbank account had been deactivated!!

That wasn’t the most shocking part of the issue, the worst of all was that all my hard earned $500 ​was gone, as in GONE..

When I wrote an appeal letter to Clickbank, I was told buyers ​requested for refunds and complained about the products I promoted, plus my account which was opened with a messed up VPN, was under the lens of Clickbank. This was worse than a blow for me..

I went back to the platform were I got the “supposed Clickbank tutorials” from and discovered people were complaining about the methods that never worked.

I was devastated because all my sweat was gone and then I was freaking dead broke.. so broke I had to sell my only laptop to survive…

​This Was When My Turning Point Began!

​​This was the best moment of my life and if you have just ​5 minutes, ​I'll ​show you what I ​​mean, without further ado.


The number one reason I sold my laptop was simply to survive because, I was basically leaving from hand to mouth; depending on peanuts after leaving school and serving.

A late older cousin of mine; may his soul rest in peace, out of his goodwill, gave me two hundred thousand naira, about $500 to start any small business I could lay my hands on.

I was still keen on my affiliate marketing business.

With my cousin’s ​$500, my little ​$40 savings and the ​$250​ proceeds from the sale of my laptop, I set out to continue my journey on affiliate marketing.

I bought a smaller ​laptop and began searching for means to survive from affiliate marketing.

I came across a Clickbank training course on Udemy, with a cost of $300…

I had to do a google and scam review to make sure the course was legit and I wasn’t ready to burn money that I didn’t have….

I bought the course, began implementing and BOOM!! results came in….

In less than a week, I had recovered my $300 plus other surplus, profits..

​All because I did just three things:

​Got the right tools


​​Promoted the right products.


With the right strategy

I didn’t end there, I moved further to continue learning because, the higher you go, the more knowledge you need and the knowledge of course wouldn’t get cheaper. I mean high school (secondary school education) and college education (university education) don’t cost the same. The recent course I bought about a month ago, cost nothing less than $1200 …

Get it?

Then, ​I Began Teaching

​During the course of my journey, some dude named David, met me and complained about not making a dime anywhere; the internet included and being so broke…

So I taught him what I had learnt and perfected. Dude studied my methods, stole them and sold them to unsuspecting persons.

But the good side of the story is, he was able to in less than a week, make about $6​38 in sales as a beginner..

I came across someone else and led him into the same light I had found.

He was able to bank in $950 in his first month, when his 5 day 9am – 5pm job, only paid him about $200 in a month….

​The​y Were Able To Succeed Because,

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    ​They had the right strategy. 
    ​I held them by the hand and showed them what worked for me, ​this strategy I used is ​unknown to many affiliate marketers.  
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    ​They ​​had the right tools.
    ​​I set up their affiliate marketing businesses with the right tools that made them money while they slept. I set up a process that helps automate everything for them. All they had to do was just push a few buttons and go to bed. Then wake and smile at their Clickbank dashboard.
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    ​They ​selected the right product.
    ​​I gave them the right products to promote, by showing them the methods I used to select the perfect products to promote. I showed them how to select products based on the ​problems different countries faced that needed solutions.


An Idea Popped Up In My Head

I had to ask myself, WHAT IF, I set up a system to teach unemployed, small scale salary, single mums, students, affiliate marketers and any other person who wishes to make a killing off Clickbank’s affiliate marketing platform​ what I have learnt and the methods I apply, for them to make a steady income from CLICKBANK?

I decided to render a free service to people, were I opened Clickbank accounts for them, for as little as nothing or for a heartfelt token.

This was done solely to test and know if people really needed this.

​My findings:

55% of them asked me​: what type or what list of products do I promote on Clickbank?

30% asked, how do I promote ​Clickbank product and get my money since our country is blacklisted?

And it dawned on me that people really needed this..

I went back to my drawing board, good thing I was keeping notes of my studies during all course trainings I ​had been going through.

The Reason For This Letter Today Is ​I Have Taken All My Successes And My Sleepless Nights Of Trying To Hit The Pinnacle Of Perfection ​To Build From Scratch, What I Call:


​This has been confirmed to be the best mentor-ship program out there to set you on the stage of being an independent Clickbank affiliate marketer. ​  

It has got a huge potential to sky rocket your earnings in your first month​​​, even if you are a beginner, who decides to get serious to work. 

​    Here is what is contained in the course:

  • 1
    ​Step by step method on how to create a working Clickbank account even if Clickbank doesn’t support your blacklisted country ($99 value).
  • 2
    ​How I select the particular type of products based on research from country to country that made me my first $1000 in my first month, as a beginner.  ($200 value).
  • 3
    ​System and tools you will need to build a comfortable and thriving Clickbank affiliate marketing business. ($500 value).
  • 4
    ​The perfect funneling structure that makes your affiliate marketing business run on autopilot. ($1200 value).
  • 5
    ​My promotion method that saves me $400 or more every time I need to promote a product from Clickbank. This isn’t facebook ads, blogging, SEO, solo ads or any of the sort. I’ll show you two of my affiliate product promotion techniques. Only 2 percent of affiliate marketers use these two traffic sources and promotion strategies. ($900 value).
  • 6
    ​How to receive your affiliate commissions into your bank account, no matter your location anywhere in the world. ($80 value).
  • 7
    ​How to re-target your audience and sell anything to them without spending money in promotions. ($300 value)
  • 8
    ​And many more……..

What People Are Saying ​About CLICKBANK GROUNDZERO

“​Where have you been all this while?”

“​Kenny trust me, I had gotten frustrated at all these make money online noise that is all over the internet. I had paid people to do this and that for me, instead all I got was pure nonsense. When you pitched me for a trial, I was skeptical at first, but now I don't regret  spending the money I did to get your course. Good stuff bro, keep it up".

- ​Student

“​Baba God Bless You?"

“​You know our make money on the internet journey in this part of our country has just, been the worst thing that has happened to me, I swear thank you very much. I wish I had met you earlier."

​Prince K.C
- ​Student

​Don’t take my word for it: here are ​other folks like you and I who have worked with me and tested this course before the launch.

​Meet Your Mentor

​Kenny Nwakanma is the CEO and founder of ​two ​lucrative online companies including ​NoHitch Web Media Inc. and ​an ​active Clickbank affiliate. He has helped grow multiple businesses for people to 6 figures simply using the marketing strategies that you will be learning inside this program.

In this program, you will have him as your personal coach and mentor to achieve affiliate marketing success with his exclusive Clickbank Affiliate Marketing strategies.

​The best part of this course is my promotion and marketing strategy, they can be used in any business, 

even in ​any internet business and information marketing or any other type of business, 

to get visible results in less than no time.

As you are currently viewing this offer, there are countless persons that have been waiting for the release of this course. My facebook group consists of ​700+ people who have been on my neck since I talked about producing a course on Clickbank affiliate marketing.

Again on, there are people too who have been sending messages to me concerning the course release date; another 150 people.


On that note, I need to work with just 30 people, because I have other things to do as well and I need my precious time ​with my family.

So this offer is open for just 30 serious people. Remember that about 500+ people, not just you alone, are viewing this page today.

If you are among the 30 persons to get this course LEG​ALY, then I’ll throw in over $​3690 Worth Of Bonuses For You, here take A Look!!


  • 1
    ​My Super VPN tool that I use in creating Clickbank accounts that never get blacklisted. It’s a one-year premium subscription based VPN. (value: $120).
  • 2
    ​My 3-in-1 audience acquisition tools, that give you laser targeted leads and customers, without breaking a sweat. (value: $500)
  • 3
    ​My stress free drag and drop web page builder that is responsible for the fluid and easy response of my website. This webpage builder was used in creating my squeeze page, this sales page and every other important page on this site, even my membership site as built with the webpage builder. The best part is, even my 10 year old nephew was able to design a webpage with this software. Plus I will be giving free updates for this tool, you wouldn’t need to bother yourself about updates, I will PERSONALY ROLL OUT UPDATES FOR YOU FOR FREE. (value: $197+ updates-value: $50=$247).
  • 4
    ​My funnel blueprint that makes all my businesses run on autopilot. This funnel can be used in ANY BUSINESS IN THE WORLD and will save you the stress of manually implementing or running your business. (value: $1200).
  • 5
    ​My re-targeting and promoting tool that ensures the best conversion rates for your business. (value: $100).
  • 6
    ​A current list of other affiliate marketing sites and how to join them and bank big on these sites (value: $40).
  • 7
    ​The cheapest and most affordable webhosting company that gives you unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for your site for less than $40 (value: $99).
  • 8
    ​My facebook group specially crafted for elites like you in my member’s area where we share ideas, rub minds and bring out the best in your affiliate marketing business. I take my time to go through your business and dissect (value: $999)
  • 9
    ​Done for you 8 squeeze pages and free ebook reports in different niches. All you need do is upload them on your server and use them without coding or further corrections unless you want to tweak things a little. (value: $95).
  • 10
    ​My drag and drop ecover creating software, with this software, you do not need photoshop or any other image editing tool to create an ebook cover, software cover..etc (value: $290).

Need a properly explained curriculum?

Then this is what you get when you get into the course’s member’s area:

Module 1: Introduction To Clickbank

  • 1
    ​What Is Clickbank.

Module 2: Clickbank Account

  • 1
    How To Open A Clickbank Account In Blacklisted Countries.

Module 3: Selecting The Right Product.

  • 1
    ​Product Select 1.
  • 2
    ​Product Select 2 .
  • 3
    ​Product Select 3.

Module 4: System Tools Installation.

  • 1
    ​Tool 1 Installation
  • 2
    ​Tool 2 Installation
  • 3
    ​Tool 3 Installation
  • 4
    ​Tool 4 Installation
  • 5
    ​Tool 5 Installation
  • 6
    ​Tool 6 Installation

Module 5: Funnel

  • 1
    ​The Million Dollar Funnel
  • 2
    ​Funnel Building 

Module 6: Traffic Sources And Promotion Strategies.

  • 1
    Promotion Strategy A
  • 2
    ​Promotion Strategy B

Module 7: Payment

  • 1
    ​Clickbank Payment Method

Module 8: Extras

  • 1
    ​Extras #1.
  • 2
    ​Extras #2.
  • 3
    ​Tool Update.

How much is my mentor-ship program going to cost you?

​As I said earlier, I need just 30 people to work with and these 30 people will have access to my bonuses worth over  $​3690.   I don’t need more than that!!

For A One Time And Limited Offer of=N=​​44,000  =N=22,000. (SAVE 50%)

​The system has been pre-designed to shut down after 30 persons have gotten access to the members’ area!!

​This will not be available for a quite a long time.

I can bet that ​​sooner than soon, this would have disappeared!! That’s if it is still visible by ​May, 2019.

By then, if you get to this page, you’ll simply see this message boldly written like this:

**Sorry This Offer Has Expired. **

Even if I decide to still make it available by then, I’ll take away the bonuses, I might sell them to you at their individual prices and the original price of =N=​44,000 comes in. (Of course, what you get is still more valuable more than a University degree that gives you no assurance.)

​Why ​You Should Get My Course!

​What You Gain

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    ​Be able to earn $500 or more in your first month while working at your own time and pace.
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    ​Learn and apply my marketing and promotion strategy that doesn't involve facebook ads into any business whatsoever.
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    ​Gain access to my blueprint that shows the particular type and classes of products to promote.
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    ​Get unbeatable access to my set of tools that have helped me build a 4 figure business in less than 3 months of my starting Clickbank affiliate marketing business.
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    ​Much more

​Your Loss List

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    ​Your 8am -5pm job will take your time, stress you and pay you chicken fees.
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    ​Struggle so hard to make sales in your businesses without the right strategy and end up spending more money for advertising.
  • angle-right
    ​Waste energy, time and resources, promoting the WRONG type of products and end up making little or nothing.
  • angle-right
    ​No access to over $2200 worth of tools to automate your clickbank business and will make you monwy while you sleep.
  • angle-right
    ​Too numerous to mention.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If after going through the full course, and after 60 days, you ​have not ​made up to 10 times your investment ​even after applying what I taught you diligently (of course with proof), simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a FULL refund! 

I know its hard to trust me on this but hey, what if I could help you make 10 times your initial investment, in 60 days or less?

​Sounds fair enough?

​Here’s How to Confidently Get Your Copy of The ​CLICKBANK GROUNDZERO Course Today At The Launch Discount Price Only Available For The First 30 Persons..And Get Access to The Bonus!

Note that the​ 50% off period expires either after the timer below hits zero... or we get the first ​30 persons. 

Remember my Facebook group already has buyers waiting on the list to devour this course

Which ever comes first!

 the launch price of N22,000 ($​60 for non Nigerians) which you can get it for today expires;

...and the ​original price of N​​44,000 ($​120) or more automatically takes effect without the special bonus.


Which ever payment option you used, once your payment goes through, you will be redirected to the membership registration area, which looks like this;

After that...

You login to the members' area with the details you created, and start devouring, consuming and kicking asses :)
Please, ensure to keep your login details safe!
The members' area looks something like this:

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of ​N22,000 into;
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: ​Kenneth C Nwakanma
Account No: 0​10-​924

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (not text message. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and Date of payment to: 
​ or (preferred).

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the registration link within​ 30 minutes.


SECURED ATM Card Payment 

​(Nigerians and Non-Nigerians)

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the members area. No waiting whatsoever.​​​​​

​International Payment


​​If you are having difficulty in using the debit card platform or you simply don't trust giving your details then here are the bank account transfer details.

Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank

Bank Account Number: 0109242964

Account Name: Kenneth C Nwakanma

Swift Code: GTBINGLA

Branch Code: 058235212

​After transfer, please send the payment details to

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the registration link within​ 30 minutes.​​​​

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

I'm new to all this. How will I set up my system?

Is there any other hidden cost here?

What niches are the ​best when it comes to promoting?

How fast will I recover my investment?

​Will you provide support for me when there is a need?

​P.S.: ​If at this point, you are yet to still secure your seat;
Well, I respect your decision;
But then remember that you are letting a huge once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by.

​And there is a huge probability that you may miss out a spot at the "Clickbank Groundzero Mentorship 

Program" if you are yet to decide.

​The only problem you are going to have is, you didn't buy this earlier!!
So, I look forward to you taking advantage of the early bird discounts... to secure your spot

​Access this life changing training and system to build a business and life you deserve...

​Don't judge me on my winners, but judge me on my losers; because I have very few of them.

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